Tournament Winners

Eileen Corcoran Cup under 12 doubles

2014 John O'Sullivan and Ava Barry

2013 Liam Barry and Sarah Connolly

2012 Orlaith Connolly and Fionn Courtney

2011 Abbie O’Sullivan and Eoin Lombard

2010 Sean O' Reilly and Clodagh Shaughnessy

2009 Peter Whelton and Laura Ahern

2008 Aaron Hayes and Niamh O' Reilly

2007 Peter Whelton and Ewan Courtney

2006 Niall Evans and Niamh O’Reilly

2005 Tadhg Casey and Rachel O’Sullivan

2004 Mattias Hayes and Rachel O’Sullivan

2003 Jack Mackey and Niamh Tobin

2002 James O’Sullivan and Emmet Hayes

2001 Aoife Wilson and Sarah Sheehan

ARTC Summer Cup over 16/adult doubles

2018 Nick Smith and Josie O'Brien

2017 Tom Scanlon and Fionn McPeake

2016 Bernard Hayes and Paul McShane

2015 Jules Oates and Harry Oates

2014 Tom Scanlon and Mary Evans

Martin Connolly Memorial

2013 Eddie Hayes and Elaine Connolly

John O’Brien Cup over 16/adult doubles

2012 Elaine Connolly and Nick Smith

2011 Hillary Bennett and Michael Courtney

2010 Hillary Bennett and Tom Scanlon

2009 Bernie Leonard and Bernard Hayes

2008 Eddie Hayes and Sarah Sheehan

2007 Nuala Whelton and Peter Hayes

2006 Kieran White and Clare Sheehan

2005 Carol Hayes and Nick Smith

2004 Michael Murphy and Mary Evans

2003 Danny White and Elaine Connolly

2002 Michael Scully and Bass Tyrrell

2001 Kieran White and Josie O’Brien

Argideen Cup (John Lowney) under 16 singles

2016 Harry Oates

2015 Harry Oates

2014 Sean O'Reilly

2013 Sean O' Reilly

2012 Peter Walsh

2011 Sean O' Reilly

2010 Tadhg Casey

2009 Niall Evans

2008 Emmet Hayes

2007 Jack Mackey

2006 Peter Hayes

2005 Jack Mackey

2004 Kevin O’Leary

2003 James O’Driscoll

2002 Ian Evans

2001 Paul O’Sullivan

Blackwell-Landis Cup for over 16/Adult singles

2017 Daire O'Regan (Gentlemen) and Niamh O'Reilly (Ladies)

2016 Alan O'Mahony (Gentlemen) and Hilary Bennett (Ladies)

2015 Daire O'Regan (Gentlemen) and Niamh O'Reilly (Ladies)

2014 Daire O'Regan (Gentlemen) and Hilary Bennett (Ladies)

2013 Dave Peglar (Gentlemen) and Hilary Bennett (Ladies)

2012 Tom Scanlon (Gentlemen) and Hilary Bennett (Ladies)

2011 Tom Scanlon (Gentlemen) and Mary Evans (Ladies)

2010 Tom Scanlon (Gentlemen) and Hilary Bennett (Ladies)

2009 Bernard Hayes (Gentlemen) and Bernie Leonard (Ladies)

2008 Jack Mackey (Gentlemen) and Kathy Kirwin (Ladies)

2007 Peter Hayes (Gentlemen) and Carol Hayes (Ladies)

2006 Kevin O’Leary (Gentlemen) and Mary Evans (Ladies)

2005 Mark Evans (Gentlemen) and Mary Evans (Ladies)

2004 Paul O’Sullivan

2003 Paul O’Sullivan

2002 Kieran White

2001 Bernard Hayes

Daly, Barry and Assoc. Cup for under 14 doubles

2014 Fionn McPeake

2013 Harry Oates and Owen Lombard

2012 Anna Duggan and Fionn McPeake

2011 Keri Ahern and Cian McPeake

2010 Adam Ahern and Cian McPeake

2009 Tadhg Casey and Megan Walsh

2008 Dylan O'Sullivan and Megan Walsh

2007 Niall Evans and Cliodhna Scully

2006 Emmet Hayes and Niamh Tobin

2005 Garrett Lombard and Niamh Scally

2004 William Sheehan and Niamh Tobin

2003 William Sheehan and Aileen Kearns

2002 Mark Evans and Lorna Hegarty

2001 Frank Mackey and Shona Wilson

Eurospar Open

2017 under 12 Neil and Aaron

under 16 doubles Jack and Sinead

Adult doubles

2016 under 12

under 16 doubles Harry Oates and Andrew Diggin

Adult doubles Mary Villiars and Donal Linehan

2015 under 12 John O'Donovan

under 16 doubles Alison Taylor and Harry Oates

Adult doubles Elaine Connolly and Peter Whelton

2014 under 12 doubles Harry Oates and Aaron O'Donovan

under 16 doubles Peter Whelton and Frank Malone

Adult doubles Dave Peglar and Jeanne Kelly

2013 under 12 doubles Liam Barry and Sarah Connolly

under 16 doubles Sean O’Reilly and Alison Taylor

Adult doubles Paul McShane and Bernie Leonard

2012 under 12 doubles Orlaith Connolly and Fionn McPeake

under 16 doubles Keri Ahern and Sean O'Reilly

Adult doubles Marie Murphy and Tom Scanlon

2011 under 12 doubles Sean White and Kate Burke

under 16 doubles Niamh O'Reilly and Sean O'Reilly

Adult doubles Bernie Leonard and Ann O'Sullivan

2010 under 12 doubles Orlaigh Connolly and Jack Oates

under 16 doubles Jack Butler and Laura Connolly

Adult doubles Hilary Bennett and Eddie Hayes

2009 under 12 doubles Ewan Courtney and Laura Ahern

under 16 doubles Oisin Hayes and Brandon Creagh

Adult doubles Dave Peglar and Clare Sheehan

2008 under 12 doubles Jordan Mulvaney and Paul Lombard

under 16 doubles Fionnuala Crowley and Sam Barker

Adult doubles Bernie Leonard and Dave Peglar

2007 under 12 doubles Sean O'Reilly and Amy O'Sullivan

under 16 doubles Jack Mackey and Tadhg Casey

Adult doubles Michael Scully and David Hayes

2006 under 12 doubles Oisin Hayes and Laura Connolly

under 16 doubles Matthew Whelton and Eileen Crowley

Adult doubles Dave Pegler and Carol Hayes

2005 under 12 doubles Oisin Hayes and Katie Mackey

under 16 doubles Kevin O’Leary and John Cronin

Adult doubles Michael Courtney and Nathalie Rousseaux

2004 under 12 doubles Emmet Hayes and Ruairc Courtney

under 16 doubles David Hayes and Sinead O’Brien

Adult doubles Kieran White and Marguerite Jennings

2003 under 12 doubles Matthias Hayes and Hannah Butler

under 16 doubles Ryan Calnan and Sarah Sheehan

Adult doubles Martin Connolly and Martina O’Regan

2002 under 12 doubles Peter Hayes and Nicola Whelton

under 16 doubles James O’Driscoll and Sarah Sheehan

Adult doubles Martin Connolly and Marie Hayes

2001 under 12 doubles Peter Hayes and Margaret Coone

under 16 doubles Kieran O’Donovan and Lorna Hegarty

Adult doubles Carol Hayes and Mary Evans

Dunmore House Parish Cup for over 16/Adult doubles

2016 Harry Oates and Daire O'Regan

2015 Marie Hayes and Peter Whelton

2014 Adam Brophy and Charlie McPeake

City Print Parish Cup for over 16/Adult doubles

2013 Bernard Hayes and Noreen O’Sullivan

2012 Bernard Hayes and Noreen O'Sullivan

2011 Carol Hayes and Jules Oates

2010 Dave Peglar and Mary Villiers

2009 Ann O'Sullivan and Nick Smith

2008 Eddie Hayes and Olive Finn

2007 Noeleen Fitzpatrick and Andy Beattie

2006 Michael Courtney and Clare Sheehan

2005 Hugh Bancroft and Ann O’Sullivan

2004 Michael Murphy and Mary Evans

Kieran White Java Republic Invitational

2013 Postponed

2012 Gentlemen Bernard Hayes and Andy Beattie

Ladies Carol Hayes and Anna Rowan

2011 Gentlemen Bernard Hayes and Cian O'Sullivan

Ladies Orla Minihane and Olive Finn