Test your stamina at the

Ardfield Rathbarry Tennis Club 12-Hour Tennis Mini Marathon

Calling all members!!  We need you to participate in a fun 12-Hour sponsored tennis marathon on Friday 27th July to raise welcome funds for Ardfield Rathbarry Tennis Club.

Don’t panic… won’t need to play for 12 Hours. The more players that sign up, the easier the load on everyone! The marathon is open to Junior and Senior members and friends.

All proceeds from this event will go towards repayment of funding for our fantastic clubhouse facilities completed in 2016. 

How it will work:

Junior participants will start the marathon at 9.00am and a lunchtime barbeque with refreshments will be provided for the juniors. Adults will continue the marathon into the evening to finish at 9.00pm with an evening barbeque and ‘light’ refreshments provided for all.

All members are encouraged to register at least one friend to partner with for doubles to play for an hour/90 minutes as required. Junior member and friends are to be encouraged to register to play for an hour in the morning sessions.

Mark Evans,
10 Jul 2018, 14:30